Hosta Fire And Ice 9cm Pot Perrenial Plant


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The Hosta is a perennial plant that has been a favourite amongst UK gardeners for a long time. Producing lush variegated foliage , this bushy plant is an ideal low-maintenance choice. This easy-to-look-after plant is perfect for a low-maintenance garden. Each variety and species of Hosta will have a slightly different leaf shape and colour to it, which means you can quite easily create an entire garden of these plants that bring eastern calmness into your space.

Where to grow Hosta plants
Choose a well-draining soil that receives partial shade throughout the day. However, it will vary by variety. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the foliage, the more sun it requires. A soil with a more Acidic balance will benefit a Hosta, so it may be beneficial to plant in a container so you have more control over the PH levels.

How to grow Hosta plants
The Hosta is an easy-to-look-after plant that requires very little maintenance. Water to keep the soil moist but not wet, letting it dry out between waterings. Apply an all-purpose fertilizer once in the spring to boost the plant's growth. Remove leaves if they begin to wilt and discolour.
This HOSTA Fire and Ice comes in a 9cm Pot