Iberis Snowsurfer Forte 2ltr


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Also known as ‘Candytufts’, the iberis is a perennial sub-shrub with elegant, thin leaves and flat clusters of attractive white, pink or purple flowers that bloom during spring and summer. This Eurasian native is best suited to flower beds and borders within cottage and informal gardens or alternatively as container plants on your patios.

Where to plant iberis

You should put your iberis in a well-draining sand, loam or chalk soil that has a slightly Alkaline PH. Make sure your chosen spot receives full-sun throughout the day.

How to care for iberis plants.

Water to keep the soil moist, but not wet, allowing it to dry out slightly between watering’s. Apply a liquid feed twice a month to keep constant and vibrant growth. Deadhead spent plants regularly to keep the plant looking neat and to encourage new growth. Prune the leaves regularly to encourage new, bushy growth.

Iberis Snowsurfer Forte 2ltr Perennial Plants