Imperata Cylindrica Red Baron 9cm Pot Perrenial Plant


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Also known as ‘blood grass’, the Imperata is a small shrub that produces deep-red spikes that fade to bright green at the base and become translucent with age. This spectacular plant makes a great addition to any perennial border. It takes a while to fully mature, but in late summer the colours are at their full vibrancy. Imperata are particularly effective when planted with other grasses, or shown off in a container.
Where to grow Imperata plants
Plant in a full sun or partially shaded location that has a well-draining soil.
How to grow Imperata plants
Water frequently to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Apply small amount of fertilizer throughout the spring and summer to maintain constant and vivid growth. Deadhead flowers regularly to encourage new growth. Prue foliage regularly to maintain the neatness of the shrub and to keep growth fresh and bushy. Cut down to the ground in February. In cold areas, protect the roots by mulching with straw or well-rotted compost. If you are growing it in a container, keep it well watered.

This IMPERATA cylindrica Red Baron comes in a 9cm Pot