Individual plant subscription

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What's included:

  • Delivery of a new, beautiful indoor plant at 1, 2 or 3-month intervals.
  • Each plant will come in a pot between 9cm and 13cm diameter, and up to 55cm high.
  • Each one has been carefully chosen by a professional indoor gardener.
  • Packaging and shipping within the UK mainland.
  • A decorative plant pot is only included in your order if you select that option on this page. All plants come in a plastic plant pot anyway.
  • If you do select the option for a decorative plant pot to be included, we will send you an unfussy, minimalist ceramic pot with simple and clean lines, which enhances the natural beauty of your plants.

With regular watering and a little bit of care, Lazy Flora plants will look gorgeous all year round. They make the perfect mood-boosting gift for yourself, or for someone else.

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If you choose a subscription option, you will receive a dazzling new Lazy Flora plant collection every month. All our plants are chosen for their hardiness and beauty combined. Some will be succulents, some will be evergreen, you will certainly find some orchids in there too. There will be plenty of flowering plants, and all of them will be absolutely beautiful. Every month will bring a new and gorgeous surprise to your door!

Subscription pauses and cancellation 

We aren't interested in trapping anyone into a subscription that they don't want. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time, you just have to let us know that's what you want to do. To cancel, you will need to follow the link in the confirmation email that you receive from us when you place your order, or send an email to

We ask that you understand that we will need to charge the full original cost of a product if you decide you want to cancel your subscription after just one delivery. We are a young startup working very hard to make this business a success, so we hope you understand why we have to do this.

Our individual plants

Please note that the pictures included here are indicative of the types of plants that are included in our individual plant subscriptions. We source the best plants available throughout the year to bring you the best that mother nature has to offer. We may need to make changes to the plant of the month at short notice, in order to be able to bring you the best quality plants available at that particular moment.

Some of the plants in our individual plant subscriptions might be familiar; many others will be more unusual plants that you may not yet have heard of, or always wanted to grow but didn't think you could. If you've recently moved house, or simply want more greenery in your life, our indoor plant subscription is for you.


Our indoor plants are shipped by express delivery. Deliveries take 3-5 days working days.

If you want to receive a delivery on a specific date, or have specific special requirements for your delivery, please email and we'll see what we can do.