Indoor plant subscription pay monthly

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What you will receive

  • One beautiful, premium quality houseplant every month. Pot diameter is 9-15cm and plants are up to 40cm high.
  • Plant care guide.
  • Delivery within the UK mainland. Shipping days are Monday-Wednesday.

    What you need to know before you sign up

    • If you choose to subscribe, you will receive a delivery every month.
    • You can cancel your subscription any time.
    • We ship your first delivery out to you at the first available opportunity after you have signed up. 
    • Please note that the images here are indicative of the kind of plants you will receive and not a guarantee of the types of plants or colours that will be delivered. Lazy Flora works with Mother Nature, the weather, and the best suppliers in Europe to bring you the most amazing plants available each month. 


    Our Luxury collections are designed for budding plant enthusiasts, who are looking for plants that are a little more striking and unusual. The plants in this collection are generally a bit of a challenge for us to source, and might not be so familiar to you - or you might have heard of them, but perhaps not have been able to find one elsewhere. You don't have to be a plant expert to enjoy this collection! 

    Pet friendly We care deeply about your furry friends and know plant ownership with pets can be a challenge. Our pet-friendly plants are non-toxic to dogs and cats, according to the ASPCA. You should always assume that the plants in our 'NOT pet-friendly' subscriptions are toxic to pets.

    Delivery information

    We deliver your plants as soon as you sign up and usually need just 48 hours to ship your order to you. Delivery days are Tuesday-Thursday, or Wednesday-Thursday on bank holiday weeks. 

    After your first delivery, shipments will be shipped the second Monday of the calendar months when you are scheduled to receive a delivery. We will notify you when we are about to ship out a delivery, or you can check our shipping schedule. Use your Lazy Flora account to skip a month if you are planning to be away, or email if you prefer a different delivery date to the one listed.

    Christmas Orders

    *Christmas orders: please note the final date for placing Christmas orders will be 17 December 2019. Our final Christmas shipping date will be 18 December for delivery 19 December. Normal shipping will then resume on 6 January 2020.

    If you would like to arrange for your Christmas order to be delivered on a different day please email


    We've tried to answer most frequently recurring questions here, but if there's anything else you need to know, drop us a line at

    Gift messages

    We offer the option of adding a personalised gift card message to your delivery. You can select this option once you have placed an item in your basket.

    My personal guarantee to you

    My name is Claire, and I'm the founder of Lazy Flora. As a lover of beauty and nature, and a huge fan of subscription boxes, I started this business from my balcony in 2017. Lazy Flora is truly a passion project, and I want you to love what we do as much as I do. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your Lazy Flora delivery, please let us know and we will always make it right. Email us at

    Claire Ransom, Lazy Flora Founder