Iris Latifolia King Of Blues 9cm Pot Perrenial Plant


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Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, the iris is a beautiful plant that will bring colour and a unique look to your garden. The stunning blue petals have a unique shape; the upper petals grow in a cup-like cluster, whilst the lower ones curl back towards the stem. Plant in your bed, border or container to bring a colourful flair into your outdoor space.

How do you grow irises?
Plant your iris in a location that receives sun throughout the day. You can plant in dappled shade, but this will decrease the change of the flower blooming. Choose a slightly acidic, well-draining soil with a small amount of slow-release food mixed in. Plant the bulb about 4 '' deep and a few '' apart. Water well in the first month to help the plant establish itself. When the first shots appear, water lightly to keep the soil moist but not wet. As your irises grow, you may add a stake or plant support.
Should I fertilize my iris?
Fertilize in early spring with an all-purpose fertilizer. Avoid nitrogen-rich feed as this may cause root rot.
This IRIS latifolia King of Blues comes in a 9cm Pot