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perennial | trailing | climbing | sun | shade | toxic to pets | flowering | evergreen | English country garden

Comes in a 9cm pot 

Why we love it English ivy is one of the easiest evergreens to grow, offering year-round impact, even during the colder months of the year when much of the garden lays bare. 'Wonder' has rich green, almost triangular leaves that blend with displays of grasses, annuals and berries.

Where's it native to? Hedera (the Latin name for ivy) is native to regions including southern Europe, northern Africa and central Asia.

Planting location The options are endless! Ivy adds style and structure to hanging baskets and container displays, or grow up trellis or supports. It is not advisable to plant ivy against brickwork as it can be tricky to later remove.

Light requirements English ivy isn't fussy. It'll thrive in sun, part-sun or shade.

Watering tip Plants are tough as old boots but will benefit from regular watering.

Distance from other plants If planted in borders and left to grow unrestrained up a fence panel or trellis, it can reach a height of 2m (6.5ft) and spread of 1m (3.2ft).

Annual or perennial? Perennial.

Great planting idea Use trailing ivies to soften the corners of seasonal displays in planters. Or plant 'Wonder' in a small hanging basket where it can trail from a pergola or wall bracket.

Common pests and how to combat them Ivy can be targeted by aphids which excrete an unpleasant sticky residue known as honeydew. Tackle infestations promptly using an organic bug killer.

Did you know? While builders will tell you that growing ivy up the brickwork of your home is a no-no, studies have shown that it can keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Toxic to pets Yes.

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