Knautia Macedonica Red Knight 2L Perennial Plant


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Named after German botanist Christian Knaut the Knautia is a genus of perennial wildflower that produces simple, lobed leaves and spiked deep red flower-heads that are sometimes called 'Scabious' or 'widows flower' and Come in red, blue, purple or yellow varieties. These plants bring a wild look to your garden, adding extra interest to your borders, beds or rock gardens.

How to grow Knautia
Plant in a moderately fertile, well-drained, preferably alkaline chalk, sand or loam soil that receives full sun. Water well when the top layers of soil begin to dry. Prune old flower stems once they have flowered

Does Knautia self-seed?
Yes, Knautia will self-seed. To control their spread, make sure you are removing seeds whenever you can
This KNAUTIA macedonica Red Knight comes in a 2 litre pot