Kniphofia Pyromania Orange Blaze 3ltr


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The red tips of their flower stems give the Kniphofia the common name 'Red-hot poker' and 'torch lily'. These flowering tall perennials are native to Africa and are a popular plant for the back of a border or as a statement piece in the garden. Producing spikes of upright, often bi-coloured bright flowers that sit above sword leaved foliage and come in shades of red, orange and yellow these vibrant plants will change color throughout the year. These are a long-lived species that will be a feature of your garden for years to come

How to grow Kniphofia

Plant in a space protected from strong winds with full sun and fertile, well-drained sandy soil that isn't too wet over winter. Enrich the soil with humus for the best growth and in some cases, you may need to support with a stake. Tidy plants in mid spring and deadheaded after flowering.

Are Kniphofia invasive?

Kniphofia can be invasive in certain conditions. To control their growth, grow in a container, raised bed or install a plastic screen that is buried 30cm under the soil and an inch above

Kniphofia Pyromania Orange Blaze 3ltr Perennial Plants