Kohl Rabi Delicacy Purple Organic 10 x 3cm Vegetable Plug Plants


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Kohlrabi is a vitamin filled bulb-shaped vegetable with a crisp texture. I tastes a little like broccoli, but is easier to grow. This drought resistant plant produces a large, central bulb that produces about four wavy stems growing out of it. Kohlrabi is fantastic when roasted or steamed, but really comes into its own if caramelised in a stir from with Asian flavours.

How to grow kohlrabi at home

Plant your kohlrabi in a location with a well-draining, but moisture retentive soil (adding vermiculite is an option) that receives full sun throughout the day. Water the plant regularly to keep the soil moist and weed regularly to keep the area clear. Place netting of fleece over young plants to protect the plants from birds and root fly.

How do you harvest kohlrabi?

Your Kohlrabi should be ready to harvest between November and March. The plant is ready to harvest when the central part is between the size of a golf ball or tennis bal. If you leave it too long, it will lose all its flavour. To harvest, pull the plant gently from the ground and cut off the stems.

What are plug plants?

Plug plants are very young plants that come ready to go in the ground. They are grown in single units in modular trays and be either seedlings or cuttings. Buying plug plants lets you fill your beds and borders easily, and in a way that is stress-free for your plant since it allows for little root disturbance.

How do you plant a plug plant?

When you first get your plant home, remove any packaging except for the pot. Place the plant in a warm and sunny space for 2-4 hours to let them recover and acclimatise. You should try to plant your plug the same day if you can. To do this, dig a hole in your desired place that is slightly larger than the root ball and soil around it and put the plug inside. Cover with the existing earth and press down lightly. Water well for the first week to help the plant establish itself and feed with an all-purpose feed after 3 weeks.

Kohl Rabi Delicacy Purple Organic 10 x 3cm Vegetable Plug Plants Vegetables