Lamium Maculatum Lami Dark Purple 2L Perennial Plant


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Commonly known as deadnettles, these perennials resemble stinging nettles but without the sting. Prized as ground cover, these purple plants are ideal for borders, beds and rock gardens. These pollinator-friendly flowers attract bees and butterflies into your space and help the rest of the garden thrive.
Where to grow Lamium
Plant in a sunny position with well-draining soil. Keep the space free from strong, cold drafts.
How to grow Lamium
Water enough to keep the soil moist but not wet, changing frequency as the weather changes. Fertilise with a diluted liquid feed once a fortnight in the summer and spring. In autumn, much around the base and trim away any dead foliage to allow new growth in spring.
This LAMIUM maculatum Lami Dark Purple comes in a 2 litre pot