LAVANDULA stoechas Castilliano White Perennial Plant


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Better known as 'lavender', this plant species has long been sought after for its smell and purple colour. Believed to have a beneficial effect on some mental health conditions, the Lavandula is an excellent addition to any outdoor space. The ideal plant for a gravel garden Around 47 species of lavender have been identified and can be found all over the world. Easy to grow, these long-lived and hardy aromatic shrubs attract bees and butterflies into the garden, meaning they bring life and colour to your space.

How to grow Lavandula

Plant in a well-draining chalk or sandy soil in an area with full sun Water well when the soil has almost died out, this plant is drought resistant, so it can stand some underwatering. Fertilize lightly with a liquid feed once in the spring, and deadhead any old flowers to promote new growth Prune annually to keep it neat and in control.

Does Lavandula keep bugs away?
The oils and fragrances produced by Lavandula repel fleas, moths, mosquitoes, and other insects.

Can Lavandula survive the winter?
Most species of Lavandula are hardy plants that will survive the winter. If you have a more tender variety, consider planting in a container that you can move into the home or greenhouse over winter.
This LAVANDULA stoechas Castilliano White comes in a 9cm Pot