Seasonal plant collection one-off purchase

Regular price £50.00

What's included:

  • A one-off delivery of a beautiful collection of seasonal, easy-to-grow outdoor plants. Each one has been carefully chosen for their beauty and low-maintenance requirements by a professional garden designer.
  • Plant identification cards for all the plants in your collection.
  • Super simple and easy-to-follow planting and care instructions.
  • 10L bag of compost.
  • Anything else our professional gardeners advise us to include to maximize the visual impact and/or longevity of your plants.
  • Packaging and shipping within the UK mainland.

All you need to add is a container or large plant pot, and water.

With regular watering and a little bit of care, Lazy Flora boxes can look gorgeous for up to 12 weeks (and perhaps even beyond, depending on the conditions of your outdoor space, watering, and weather!).

Subscribe from as little as £16/month

The option you have selected here is for a one-off purchase. Perhaps you want to try us out, or you want to send someone a gift. But don't forget about our subscription options too!

If you choose a Lazy Flora plant collection subscription, you will receive a dazzling new plant collection every season, including a discount off every box you receive! Plus, you can cancel at any time. We design our plant collections so that they will be beautiful for up to 12 weeks, so this means that you will always have gorgeous blooming plants in your life. 

Our current plant collections

Please note that the pictures included here are indicative of the style of the plant collection you will receive. To see list of the plants included in our current Spring Rainbow plant collections, click here.

To see the examples of plants that been included in previous deliveries, click here.

From the research we conducted prior to launching Lazy Flora, we know that lots of people loved our designs that featured warm colours, especially at a time of year when most of us are starting to think about hibernating. We wanted to make these collections as bright and colourful as possible, to add a bit of colour to our lives at this time of year.

This is a gorgeous box of flowering plants, which will lift your spirits every time you look at them. Trust us, we speak from personal experience. Plus, they are perfect for non-gardeners.

Some of the plants in this delivery will be old favourites; others will be more unusual that you may not yet have heard of. We combine beautiful plants for maximum impact factor, and publish information on each of the different plants online.

What ISN'T included in your purchase:

  • We do not include a container or plant pot with your delivery. The reason we don't automatically supply a planter is because some customers have told us that they already have planters they want to use. So this way, you have more flexibility to choose what you get and when. If you need a planter, check out our growing selection here.


For UK mainland, all our outdoor plant collections are shipped by express courier delivery. To ensure the plants are in transit for the least amount of time possible, we deliver Monday to Thursday.

  • If you order on a Monday, you can expect a Wednesday delivery.
  • If you order on a Tuesday, you can expect a Thursday delivery.
  • If you order Wednesday-Sunday, you can expect a Tuesday delivery.

If you want to receive a delivery on a specific date, or have specific special requirements for your delivery, please email and we will be delighted to arrange this for you.

Please allow a little more time for locations outside the UK mainland.

Plant selection

Please note that the images here are representative of the style of plant collections that you will receive in your Lazy Flora delivery and because we only want to bring you the best plants available on any given day, there will be variations from box to box.