Lemon Balm 3 x 9cm Organic Herb Plug Plants


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Lemon balm is an ancient European herb that has been used for centuries to aid digestion and help relieve stress. This small herb forms clumps of lemon scented, serrated leaves that look a little bit like nettles. As a member of the mint family, the lemon balm has a strong mint-citrus taste that makes a fantastic tea or that goes well as an addition to a salad or fish dish.

How to grow Lemon balm at home

This hardy perennial herb is easy to grow and will do well if left alone if its basic needs are met. Plant your plug plant in a sunny location that has a well-draining soil. You can put your lemon balm in dappled shade, but anything less will stunt its growth. This is a drought tolerant herb that prefers to be underwatered rather than underwatered. Water only when the top inch of the soil has become dry. You will only need to water your plant lightly so that it becomes slightly damp to the touch. It is best not to apply any fertiliser to your lemon balm if you are growing it to use in the kitchen. Fertiliser will help improve growth and the amount of leaves it produces, but it will heavily dilute the taste.

How do you harvest Lemon balm?

Lemon balm can be harvested between July and September when the leaves have grown to a full size and turned dark green. To harvest, simply pick the leaves you need just before you want to use them. If you want a year-long supply of this herb, then it can be easily dried and kept in jars.

What are plug plants?

Plug plants are very young plants that come ready to go in the ground. They are grown in single units in modular trays and be either seedlings or cuttings. Buying plug plants lets you fill your beds and borders easily, and in a way that is stress-free for your plant since it allows for little root disturbance.

How do you plant a plug plant?

When you first get your plant home, remove any packaging except for the pot. Place the plant in a warm and sunny space for 2-4 hours to let them recover and acclimatise. You should try to plant your plug the same day if you can. To do this, dig a hole in your desired place that is slightly larger than the root ball and soil around it and put the plug inside. Cover with the existing earth and press down lightly. Water well for the first week to help the plant establish itself and feed with an all-purpose feed after 3 weeks.

Lemon Balm 3 x 9cm Organic Herb Plug Plants Herbs