Lemon Tree

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Grow your own | can live outside in summer and inside for colder months

Two sizes available one fits 15cm and other 17cm pot | Approximate height on arrival 30cm and 48cm

Scientific name: Citrus × limon

We love to grow your own at Lazy Flora, and Lemon Tree is no exception! These trees are so fragrant and beautiful to look at - plus, when you harvest your first lemon, you get the most wonderful sense of accomplishment. You GREW that!

Lemon Trees are the gift that keeps on giving, not only can you harvest your own crop but you also get lovely fragrances! Providing the correct conditions are important to see this plant thrive.

Your Lemon Tree will be happiest on a protected, sunny patio in the warmer months but it won't survive UK winters outside, so make sure you bring it indoors well before the first frost of the year and overwinter it indoors. When moving it back outdoors in the spring, make sure you give it time to acclimatise before leaving it baking in the sun all day, otherwise it can get sunburnt (yes, plants can get sunburnt too).

Lemon Tree will be happy on a sunny patio in the warmer months and will thrive inside when it's cooler.

If all of that sounds like a bit of a hassle, you'll be pleased to know it also makes an excellent houseplant.  So if you have a sunny windowsill and a love for huge showy flowers, this might be one for you.