Leucanthemum Ooh La Spider 2ltr


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This daisy like perennial is often grown as an outdoor ornamental plant. With some varieties growing up to 2 meters tall these plants produce erect stems that hold a white daisy like flower which grow to form a small bush of yellow flowers. These plants look great in garden borders, cottage gardens or as part of a wild space.

How to grow Leucanthemum

Plant in a well-drained loam or chalk soil in an are with full or partial sun. Water regularly when the top of the soil begins to dry and fertilize once every three months in the spring and summer with a low-nitrogen fertilizer. Bone meal can be added to the soil too to give a boost to growth. Deadhead regularly and cut stems down to the ground in winter.

Are Leucanthemum invasive?

Leucanthemum can be an invasive species in some situation, but it can be controlled easily if controlled Plant in a raised bed or container to keep it fully contained, but regular pruning and deadheading can also stop this plant from spreading.

What is a perennial plant?

Unlike annuals, which only live for one season, perennial plants are a long-term solution to colour in your garden that will come back year after year. Typically, a perennial will only bloom for one season of the year, however there are long-blooming perennials. If grown in the right conditions and treated well a perennial can live between three and five years. For a garden that has colour all round you should plant a mix of annuals and perennials that bloom in different seasons.

Leucanthemum Ooh La Spider 2ltr Perennial Plants