Liatris Floristan White 3ltr


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The Liatris is an impressive ornamental perennial that can easily become a centerpiece of your garden. A close relative sunflower the Liatris is also sometimes called 'blazing star' for its vibrant colours and and long spiked petals that splay out in a starlike shape. These versatile plants are easy to grow and will attract pollinators into your garden, making it ideal for butterfly gardens.

How to grow Liatris

Plant in a space with dappled or partial shade in any soil that is well draining. These plants can also be successfully planted in rocky areas. Water young plants every other day for the first few weeks. Once established they don't need much water and can be watered when the soil has dried out. You don't need to fertilize Liatris, but if you do want to ensure you do so only at the start of spring. Liatris flowers bloom from the top down so pinch back the spent blooms to keep the flowers neat After plants have finished blooming, the flower stalks can be cut back to their basal leaves, or you can leave stalks as a food source for local and migrating birds.

Is Liatris invasive?

No, this is a common misconception of the Liatris

Is Liatris poisonous?

The Liatris has no known toxic effects

Liatris Floristan White 3ltr Perennial Plants