Lithodora Grace Ward 2ltr


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The Lithodora is a hardy perennial that is commonly used as groundcover by modern gardeners. Producing carpets of delicate herby foliage that is topped off with masses of small, starlike flowers, this is a fantast space filling plant to add a solid area of background colour to your garden. This plant blooms from late spring and throughout the summer to give you a constant display through the most vibrant parts of the year. This is an idea plant for rock gardens, country gardens and garden beds.

Where to grow Lithodora plants

Plant your Lithodora in a well-draining soil that receives full sun to partial shade throughout the day.

How to grow Lithodora plants

Water the soil regularly to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Do not allow the soil to dry out as this is not a drought tolerant variety. You will not need to fertilize this plant as it will overwhelm and kill the roots. In the autumn apply a layer of mulch to the plant to keep it safe from cold frosts. You will not need to prune the foliage of the leaves unless you need to for aesthetic reasons. Deadhead the flowers as soon as they spent to make room for newer blooms.

Lithodora Grace Ward 2ltr Perennial Plants