Lobelia cardinalis

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perennial | sun | part shade | toxic to pets | flowering | English country garden

Comes in a 9cm diameter pot 

Also known as the Cardinal Flower or Bog Sage, Lobelia Cardinalis produces striking tall red spikes in late summer through to October keeping your planting schemes vibrant. Glossy bright green leaves and beetroot red stems give a great contrast to the brilliant red two-lipped blossoms.

Why we love it Lobelia is a bedding plant that produces masses of delicate blooms, Lobelia plants are perfect for hanging baskets and pots, and edging garden borders and paths. Lobelia is one of the most popular garden plants, for good reason. The flowers bloom from summer to first frost and are pretty much trouble-free.

Where's it from? Lobelia originates from several continents.

Planting location One of the best aspects of lobelia is that they will grow nearly anywhere in the garden.

Light requirements For best results, grow in full or part shade.

Watering Once established, lobelias require little maintenance. During hot, dry weather, water frequently, especially those planted in containers.

Annual or perennial? Annual. This plant lasts one season.

Great planting idea Plant at the front of a border for a bright counterpoint to bigger plants at the back. One idea is to plant alternate with white alyssum.

Common pests and how to combat them Pests aren't really an issue with annual lobelia. Disease is uncommon as well. Root rot will lead to wilting if the soil is too heavy and wet, so dig in organic bulky matter before planting to help areate the earth.

Did you know? The genus is named after the Flemish botanist Matthias de Lobel (1538–1616).

Toxic to pets Yes.

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