Lobelia Cardinalis Queen Victoria 2L Perennial Plant


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The Lobelia is an attractive, annual herb-like plant that can fill your garden with colour. This plant will spread rapidly, making it an excellent choice for ground cover or creating fantastic cascading displays from a container or hanging basket throughout the summer. This Lobelia produces beautiful red flowers that form in a dense matt over light green, slightly spiky foliage. This plant will keep producing until the first frosts, guaranteeing great colour throughout the warmer months. Plant your Lobelia in well-draining soil in a space that receives around six hours of direct sunlight daily. The roots are shallow growers, so you will need to water frequently (twice a week in warmer months) to keep the top two '' of soil moist but not dry. If you overwater your plant, it is at high risk of developing fungal diseases, so it is best to stay on the side of underwatering.

Should I fertilize my Lobelia?
Feed a balanced liquid feed every two weeks when first planted. The high potash feeds every two weeks through the summer.

How to prune a lobelia?
Deadhead your Lobelia frequently to keep the flowers blooming uninterruptedly. Pinched back the tips to promote bushier growth. When flowers are spent, prune the entire plant back by half an inch to promote further growth.
This LOBELIA cardinalis Queen Victoria comes in a 2 litre pot