Lupin Legendary Yellow Shades 3ltr


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Also known as 'Lupinus' or 'Lupine' this genus of flowering perennial is native to North and South America where they are grown as a food source as well as for looks. Boasting soft green to grey-green leaves which may be coated in silvery hair and split petals pea-like flowers which come in a range of colours these plants will add a unique and striking feature in your garden. A a cottage-garden favourite, they offer height and colour as well as attract pollinators

How to grow Lupin

Plant in full sun or dappled shade, in moist but well-drained soil that is sheltered from strong winds. Water when the soil begins to dry and support with a stake or plant support whilst they are growing. Deadhead once flowers have faded to encourage new and continued growth and cut back to the ground in autumn

How long do Lupin plants live?

Lupins are not long lived plants and will live to around six years before they need to be replaced

Can Lupins be grown in containers?

No, you should avoid growing lupins in containers as they grow weakly and can be susceptible to aphid attacks

Lupin Legendary Yellow Shades 3ltr Perennial Plants