LYCHNIS viscaria Splendens Perennial Plant


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The Lychnis is a robust herbaceous perennial that produces upright stems clad in narrow, willowy leaves topped with small vivid flowers that bloom throughout summer. This pinkplant is ideal for a wild or rock garden, whose rough texture adds interesting appeal to the space.
Where to plant Lychnis plants
The Lychnis will thrive in clay or loam soil that is poorer draining than the soils most other plants enjoy. Make sure that the chosen location receives full sun throughout the day. And make sure the position is sheltered from cold, strong winds. An ideal location for this plant would be around a pond or in boggy soil.
How to look after Lychnis plants
This plant loves moisture, so it is constantly watered to keep the soil wet. You will not need to apply fertilizer to this plant as it may damage the roots. You will not need to stake this plant, but you should deadhead the plant regularly to keep the flower blooming and vibrant.
This LYCHNIS viscaria Splendens comes in a 9cm Pot