Lysimachia Ciliata Firecracker 2L Perennial Plant


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The Lysimachia is a unique plant that brings an unusual look into your garden. Well suited for containers and hanging baskets, this evergreen shrub produces small bright yellow plants in the summer. Still, its foliage is just as impressive, providing interest throughout the year and displaying long flowers on a mound of rounded, flat foliage. In the summer, the plant will produce clusters of golden flowers at the top of the foliage, bringing a lively edge to the plant. Plant in any well-draining soil that receives sun throughout most of the day. A south or west-facing location that has protection from high winds would be ideal. Water regularly and generously for the first weeks after planting. Then water lightly once a week to keep the soil damp. It is best to water during the evening to avoid burning the leaves and damaging the plant.

Should I fertilize my Lysimachia?
Your Lysimachia will prefer poorer-quality soils, so regular fertilizing is not required. If you do want to fertilize, do so once at the beginning of spring.

How often should I prune my Lysimachia?
The Lysimachia is a fast-growing plant, so you should lightly prune it once a week to keep it looking neat and compact. During the winter, growth will slow, so pruning will not be needed as often. The flowers should be deadheaded to encourage new growth when they begin to go brown. Throughout the season
This LYSIMACHIA ciliata Firecracker comes in a 2 litre pot