Lythrum Robin 3ltr


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This tall growing wildflower grows naturally on riverbanks and around ponds, making it a naturally moisture loving plant. The upright flower stems support poker-like heads of bright purple-red star flowers that appear from the middle of summer on. Under these beautiful blooms sit a bush of small, pointed light-green foliage. This combination of vibrant flowers and foliage is attractive to pollinators that will bring your whole garden to life.

Lythrum plant care

Plant in a moist, but well-draining soil that receives full sun to partial shade throughout the day. This plant will thrive near water so will make the perfect plant to place at a ponds edge. Water well to get the plant established and then water to keep the soil moist. Deadhead to prevent self seeding and encourage new growth. Prune back at the end of the growing season to control the plant and keep it looking neat.

Lythrum Robin 3ltr Perennial Plants