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perennial | climbing | flowering | tropical look

Fits an 18cm diameter pot 

The brilliant climbing Mandevilla brings a touch of the tropics to any terrace or balcony container.

They enjoy bright, indirect light or filtered sunlight, but can get burned in direct, full sunlight. Although hardy to 5 degrees Celsius, Mandevilla likes warm summer months so bring inside on cooler days and in the winter.

If all of that sounds like a bit of a hassle, you'll be pleased to know it also makes an excellent houseplant, and given the right conditions, will actually flower almost continually throughout the year. So if you have a sunny windowsill and a love for huge showy flowers, this might be one for you.

It flowers naturally in late summer so you can enjoy the blooms whilst getting the most out of the final few months in your garden.


Toxic to pets While it isn't strictly toxic to cats and dogs, it doesn't meet the requirements we have set to be classed as a truly 'pet-friendly' plant. We do not consider this plant to be pet friendly.

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