Marjoram 3 x 9cm Organic Herb Plug Plants


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Marjoram is a mildly flavoured herb that is very popular in Greek, Italian and middle eastern cooking. With a subtle, sweet flavour it pairs really well with roast meats and fish. The plant produces a delicate clump of small green leaves that can grow in small curls to give a cute, formal look. Marjoram is best grown in containers, so make sure you choose a well-draining pot with plenty of room for the plant to grow. Make sure to choose in a space that receives bright, but indirect sunlight throughout the day to avoid bleaching the leaves. Water lightly once a wet to keep the soil on the dry side of moist. Marjoram is used to warmer climates so overwatering is likely to rot the roots. In the winter, move the pots to a warm, sheltered area until the first frosts have passed.

How do you harvest Marjoram?

As a leafy herb, marjoram can be harvested as soon as the leaves are well formed. Simply cut off the leaves as you need them.

Marjoram 3 x 9cm Organic Herb Plug Plants Herbs