Musa Basjoo 3ltr


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The Musa, or as you may know it, the banana is a well-known perennial tree that brings a tropical feel to any space. It makes a fantastic feature piece in your garden where it will draw the eye, be a topic of conversation and even bear some fruit. If you have a warm enough indoor space like a conservatory you can even grow this plant indoors which will add a wonderful touch to an indoor space. The most common name for Musa plants found on the UK are ‘dwarf cavendish’s’, but despite the name they are not a small plant. These tall tree-like plants have a thick, woody stem which supports large, flat foliage which creates a space filling display and shade in the garden. These leaves can grow so large that the stems supporting them snap under their own weight. This clears the way for new foliage that will quickly grow back to replace it.

Where to plant Musa?

This plant will be at its best in a space with bright, indirect light. You can choose a partially shaded space but avoid full shade, if possible, but it should be sheltered from cold winds to get the best out of your plant.

How to care for Musa?

The Musa plant needs a lot of water to keep itself healthy and growing consistent foliage. Water well when the top few inches of soil have begun to dry and apply a balanced fertilizer every few weeks in the summer to maintain good nutrition. If you are growing your plant indoors you should mist the leaves regularly to keep them looking bright and vibrant. You will not need to prune the leaves, just leave them to fall off naturally.

The Musa will only produce fruit if conditions are perfect. The first sign that your plant is producing fruit will be the appearance of large flowers on the main stem, over time these will die back to reveal the maturing fruit that will slowly mature in the sun and ripen in about three months.

How tall can Musa plants grow?

The eventual height and spread of your Musa will depend on the variety of the plant you have, but on average you can expect around 2 meters height if it is given good conditions.

Musa Basjoo 3ltr Perennial Plants