National Best Friends Day Friendship Plant and Planter

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Tell your best friend you love them this National Best Friends Day…

Ideal for beginners | easy to propagate | pet-friendly

Remember sunny days in the school playground making matching friendship bracelets with your best friend? Those were the days!

And at Lazy Flora we think friendship and plant ownership have lots in common - for starters both need nurtured and cared for - that’s why we’re recapturing the magic of those playground days with a little more grown-up version of a bracelet… the friendship plant!

The 'friendship plant' is also known as the Chinese Money plant. However, it is also known as the friendship plant because it's easy and quick to propagate, so you'll have plenty of baby plants to share with friends and family.

Friendship really is such a beautiful thing, because your friends are the people you’ve chosen to spend your time with. The ones who pick you up when you’re down, make you laugh, are there to share drinks with or just hang out, and now you can help and guide each other as your take on plant ownership together too.

This National Best Friend Day buy two friendship plants - that’s one for you and one for your friend - for £35! Or just gift your friend (or yourself) for £24.

These lovely, glossy little plants come in a beautiful terracotta owl planter with all the instructions you need to take care of it.

This offer will run from Tuesday 8th June and will be available all week until Sunday 13th June.

All you need to decide now is who you’re sending a new plant baby too…