Nemesia Nesia Banana Swirl 2ltr


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The Nemesia is a small bedding plant native to South Africa. This short-lived perennial has many uses in the garden and makes a fantastic edging plant, ground cover, or part of a mixed border. They produce a dense mound of bright green, herbaceous foliage that supports clusters of mauve and yellow, daisy-like flowers that come in a variety of colours ranging from orange to purple. There are also many bi-coloured varieties available that bring fantastic and colour and texture to your space. Nemesias can be bushy or compact and are suitable for growing at the front of a border or in pots. Many have a trailing habit and are much more suited to hanging baskets.

Where to plant Nemesia?

Choose a location that has a soil rich in organic matter that is well-draining and receives partial shade throughout the day. Keeping the plant out of direct sunlight is important as it will

How to grow Nemesia?

The Nemesia is a plant with a deep root system that needs a lot of water to establish itself. Water deeply and thoroughly when the top of the soil goes dry. Feed every few weeks with a diluted liquid fertilizer. Trim off any dead of fading flowers to encourage new growth. Perennial nemesias can be kept over winter by bringing plants into a frost-free place that’s not too warm, such as a heated greenhouse, porch, conservatory, or windowsill in a cool room. Water sparingly over winter to prevent root rot.

Nemesia Nesia Banana Swirl 2ltr Perennial Plants