Nepeta Neptune 3ltr


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Commonly known as 'catmint', the nepeta is a hardy and low maintenance perennial that is well suited to containers and hanging baskets. An easy to look after alternative to lavender, the nepeta is a great addition to the garden. This tall plant produces long, narrow stems that emerge from grey-green foliage. Small, delicate flowers grow in clusters at the top of the stems and bloom throughout the summer and autumn.

How to grow nepeta plants

Plant in any well-draining soil that receives sun throughout most of the day. Try to shelter the plant from strong, cold winds if possible. Water lightly once a week to keep the soil damp to the touch. The nepeta likes drier soils so let it dry out slightly between waterings. If left in wet soil, the plant will develop root rot or fungal diseases.

Does my nepeta need fertilizer?

Add compost to the bottom of the plant mid-autumn. After this, the plant will need no more feeding.

Should I prune my nepeta?

Most nepeta will repeat-bloom if they are sheared back after flowering. This second blooming may not be as impressive as the first but it will extend the growing season.

Is nepeta attractive to cats?

Yes, the common name for nepeta is 'catmint'. It gets this name because it gives off smells that are attractive to cats. Each cat will react differently to the plant, and it is non-toxic.

Nepeta Neptune 3ltr Perennial Plants