NERINE bowdenii Perennial Plant


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The Nerine provides a welcome burst of late-season colour into your garden that will give some voluminous texture to the space. This plant produces a small bush of long strap leaves that grow slender stems, carrying elegant flowers in small clusters at the top. Each cluster comprises five plants, each with curled, ribbon-like petals in various striking colours. Their classic look would seem in the right place in a modern design scheme where it will look great in a bed, border or container. It is unlikely that your plant will flower in the first year after being introduced to a space, but in the following year, it will bloom with full vigour and attract pollinators into your space.
Where to plant Nerine plants
Plant in a well-draining, chalk or sandy soil that receives full sun throughout the day. Make sure the space is sheltered from cold, harsh winds.

How to look after Nerine plants
Once planted, it is not advised to disturb your plant much as it may cause stress that will kill them. Water the plant well to help it establish itself and only water to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Feed the plant once in the summer with a potash-rich fertiliser to help give it a boost for the growing season. Remove dead flower heads as soon as they wilt to encourage new growth. Prune the foliage only when you need to to keep the plant looking neat.
This NERINE bowdenii comes in a 9cm Pot