OENOTHERA macrocarpa Perennial Plant


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Also known as the ‘evening primrose ’ the Oenothera is a wonderful border plant that brings light colour and traditional texture into a space. The sweetly scented flowers sit above a small cluster of long, sword-like foliage that hides it supportive stem. The flower itself is made up of open, cup shaped petals that form an almost buttercup shape that will bloom through summer and autumn.
Where to plant your Oenothera plant
You should plant your Oenothera in a well-draining soil that receives full sun throughout the day.
How to look after your Oenothera plant
Water well to keep the soil moist, but not wet and feed with a liquid fertilizer once a month during the flowering period to give the plant a boost. Deadhead blooms as you see them begin to fade which will allow for new growth. Prune the foliage only when needed, and in the winter apply a layer of

This OENOTHERA macrocarpa comes in a 9cm Pot