Oregano - Greek 3 x 9cm Organic Herb Plug Plants


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An essential for any home cooks collection, Oregano is the backbone of Mediterranean cookery. From Spanish stews to Greek salads and Italian sauces it is a herb that lifts every dish with it's mildly sweet and spicy flavour. The plant produces a delicate clump of small green leaves that can grow in small curls to give a cute, formal look. Oregano is best grown in containers, so make sure you choose a well-draining pot with plenty of room for the plant to grow. Make sure to choose in a space that receives bright, but indirect sunlight throughout the day to avoid bleaching the leaves. Water lightly once a wet to keep the soil on the dry side of moist. Oregano is used to warmer climates so overwatering is likely to rot the roots. In the winter, move the pots to a warm, sheltered area until the first frosts have passed.

How do you harvest oregano?

As a leafy herb, oregano can be harvested as soon as the leaves are well formed. Simply cut off the leaves as you need them.

How do you store fresh oregano?

You can store fresh leaves in the fridge for up to three days. If you find yourself with a lot of leaves and want to store them for a later date, finely chop the oregano and freeze in a ice cube tray with some water for up to three months. If you'd like to dry your oregano for a longer shelf life, put the entire stem on a lined baking tray and dry in a low oven until the leaves crumble to the touch.

Oregano - Greek 3 x 9cm Organic Herb Plug Plants Herbs