Osteospermum Tresco Purple 3ltr


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The Osteospermum is a magnificent perennial with large daisy-like purple flowers that look great in borders or beds of any cottage, seaside or informal garden. Often called the ‘African Daisy’ there are over 70 known species of this plant native to southern and eastern Africa. This plant produces long-lasting, colourful flowers that are in full bloom between summer and autumn where they will attract lots of pollinators into your space. The silvery foliage of the Osteospermum has a strong fragrance that makes this plant a delight for all the senses. Often used as a front of border plant in milder parts of the country, or annual bedding, osteospermums also make great container plants.

Where to plant Osteospermums?

Grow your plant in a well-draining soil that receives full sun throughout the day. If you can make sure the spot is sheltered from cold, harsh winds.

How to care for Osteospermums?

When you first plant your Osteospermum, water it well to help it establish a strong root system. Once it’s established water to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Add a liquid fertilizer to the water throughout the spring to help the plant grow at its best. Cut back to remove winter damage and maintain appearance in spring.

Osteospermum Tresco Purple 3ltr Perennial Plants