Papaver Garden Gnome 2ltr


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You will know this plant by its more common name of ‘poppy’. It is a fully hardy perennial that is grown for its distinctive cup-shaped flowers that sit on a bed of herbaceous foliage. Whilst the flowers are best known for their red varieties, they do also come I purple, white or peach colors. This easy to grow plant will thrive almost anywhere in the garden, and will look great in a wild garden, formal border, or container. This also a fantastic plant for a rockery where it can be used to hide any hard landscaping.

Where to plant Papaver plants

Plant in a moist, but well-draining soil that receives full sun to partial shade throughout the day.

How to look after Papaver plants

This is an extremely easy to plant to look after and requires very little care once given its basic needs. Water the plant well to keep the soil moist, but not wet. This Papaver is drought tolerant so will benefit from some underwatering. Prune the foliage only when needed and deadhead the flowers one they begin to die off. Once a flower dies it will leave behind a seed pod. If left this pod will eventually drop and produce more flowers for the following year. Remove this pod when you remove the flower if you want ore control over the number of flowers in the bed. You will not need to fertilize you Papaver as it will only increase the amount of foliage rather than improve the flowering

Papaver Garden Gnome 2ltr Perennial Plants