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Known as the 'opium poppy', 'balewort' or 'moonflower', the Papaver is a sight most of us are familiar with and has been used as a symbol for sleep, peace and remembrance. Whilst most people may be familiar with the red variety 'Papaver rhoeas,' these plants come in purple, white and orange tones. Producing papery pastel purple petals that grow into a vague cup shape. Perfect for wild gardens, gravel gardens or more traditional spaces this plant will be an excellent addition to your space.

How to grow Papaver

Plant in a sunny to partially shaded space with well-draining chalk, loam or sandy soil. Water well when the soil has almost gone dry, this is a drought-tolerant plant, so it is safer to underwater rather than underwater. No pruning is required but deadhead if the seed is not needed.
This PAPAVER orientale Princess Victoria Louise comes in a 2 litre pot