PENNISETUM alopecuroides Perennial Plant


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The Pennisetum is a clump-forming grass called ‘Chinese fountain grass ’ because of its large arching stems that have a fountain-like appearance. The foliage is attractive year-round and comes in various colours . At the end of each stem is a bottlebrush of feathery pale pink hairs that give this plant a look and texture that evokes harvest time in the country. Suitable for beds, borders and containers.

Where to plant Pennisetum plants
The Pennisetum is happiest in free-draining soils that receive full sun throughout the day. They will tolerate some shade if it comes from the side but not from above.

How to care for Pennisetum plants

Water to keep the soil moist but not wet. You do not need to fertilize this plant, and doing so may damage the roots. In the winter, avoid watering the plant as it will go dormant and cold, wet roots will risk it developing root rot. Remove dead foliage and spent flower stems in early spring to allow new growth. This will also help to protect the plant during the winter. In the winter, add a thin layer of mulch around the base of the plant and wrap it in fleece to help it survive harsh frosts.
This PENNISETUM alopecuroides comes in a 9cm Pot