PENSTEMON Garnet Perennial Plant


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his attractive summer-blooming perennial will add great interest to your garden by producing narrow, pointed leaves and spires of thimble-like pink flowers, sometimes flaring at the tip. The flowers sit above a bush of long, slender green foliage that adds texture to this tall display. This late-flowering perennial is a fantastic addition to your space, bringing height, colour and texture to your beds, borders and containers.

How to grow Penstemon
Choose a sunny position with some shade sheltered from cold winds with well-draining soil Water well until the plants are established, then reduce to watering to keep the soil moist. Mulch with well-rotted manure or garden compost each spring to get the best growth results, and apply some general-use fertilizer if growing in containers. Remove spent flower spikes as the blooms fade to help encourage new growth throughout the year. After about five years, penstemons often need replacing as they become woody and flowerless If you are growing your plants in containers, wrap them with a couple of layers of bubble plastic to protect the roots from winter frosts.
How tall do Penstemons grow?
On average, Penstemon grow to about 60 cm in height, although there will be some variation between species.
This PENSTEMON Garnet comes in a 9cm Pot