Penstemon Phoenix Violet 3ltr


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This Penstemon is an evergreen perennial sub-shrub that produces narrow leaves and elegant bell-shaped violet and white flowers on tall flowering spikes throughout summer into early autumn. These popular plants suit a range of garden styles from formal spaces to courtyard and cottage gardens. There are around 250 species of this fantastic border plant that comes in a range of colour from sky blue to plum, purple or pink in the summer months. The Penstemon is easy to maintain and grow and is a great attractor of pollinators like bees into the garden. They help to keep the garden colourful from the summer all the way to the first frost.

Where to grow Penstemons?

Choose a sunny location that receives full-sun or partial shade throughout the day. Make sure the location is well sheltered from cold winds and has well-draining soil.

How to grow Penstemons?

When you first introduce your Penstemon to the garden you should water well until the plant is established. You should water lightly every two weeks or so to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Apply mulch to the base of the plant each spring and add a liquid fertilizer when watering throughout the spring. Remove spent flower spikes as the blooms fade to encourage new and longer growth. If you do not prune your plants regularly you will find that they become woody and leggy. To stop this you need to hard prune them regularly. In the Autumn, cut back the plant by around a third, leaving enough foliage to provide winter protection. In April or May check for new shoots and cut back to just below them to encourage the best growth for the seasons ahead.

Penstemon Phoenix Violet 3ltr Perennial Plants