Peperomia Rocca Scuro | 12cm | Houseplant

Peperomia angulata 'Rocca Scuro'

Peperomias are easy going, low-care houseplants that are great for beginners! Their semi-succulent leaves display striking, striped patterns which will add interest to your home. We particularly love its trailing habit, which means it'll look great spilling over the edge of a hanging basket or trailing down a window-ledge, bookshelf, desk or table.

Peperomias are popular houseplants as they are compact and petite, and their slow growing nature means that they will unlikely outgrow their space indoors.

Also known as Dark Green Beetle Radiator plant.

Comes in a 12cm nursery pot, ceramic pot not included.

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Facts & Stats

Botanical Name

Peperomia angulata 'Rocca Scuro'



Plant Type


Pet Safe




How to care for your Peperomia Rocca Scuro | 12cm | Houseplant

Native habitat

Native to the American tropics.

Light and position in the home

Your Peperomia will thrive in bright light, but not in the direct rays of the sun, especially during summer. An east, west or south facing window is ideal.

Watering and humidity

Water your Peperomia once the top inch of soil is completely dry. Always ensure your pot has drainage holes to avoid your plant's roots sitting in water, as this can cause root rot.

Peperomia Rocca Scuro | 12cm | Houseplant
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