PERSICARIA White Eastfield Perennial Plant


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This unusual herbaceous plant is grown for its foliage rather than flowers. Each leaf is sharply pointed, with colour patterning and a pale white margin. It quickly develops into a handsome, upright clump from which the bright white flowers will grow.

How to grow Persicaria
Tolerant of most soils as long as they are well-draining, this plant will happily grow in sun or partial shade. To make the most of its foliage, grow alongside contrasting plants such as silver-leaved plectranthus or golden-leaved grasses. It also looks good in jungle planting schemes, creating the perfect partner for cannas, bamboo and bananas. Alternatively, grow it in a pot on the patio and display it in its own right.

This PERSICARIA White Eastfield comes in a 9cm Pot