Petunia Royal Sky 2ltr


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The petunia is a simple and easy way to add colour and traditional style to your garden. Easy to introduce to any garden or soil, the petunia produces flowers from June to October and is particularly well suited for containers. The funnel-shaped flowers feature velvety petals that sit on a backdrop of delicate herby foliage. The mounds of colour produced by this plant would look great at the front of your garden bed or border or as an impressive feature in a container or hanging basket.

How do I grow petunias?

Place your petunia in a well-draining soil that receives full sun throughout the day. If placed in too much shade, they tend to become spindly and may not flower. Plant after the last spring frost and make sure the location is protected from strong winds.

How often should I water my petunia?

Petunias are a heat-tolerant plant that only needs to be watered thoroughly once a week (increase this in periods of prolonged dry weather). Avoid shallow watering as it encourages shallow root growth which leads to less healthy and vibrant plants. If planting in a container, water more frequently, but don't allow to get waterlogged.

Should I fertilize my petunia?

Feed a balanced water-soluble feed once a month to allow for rapid growth and heavy blooming. When should I prune petunias? Remove spent blooms and seeds when they die to encourage new growth and prevent self-seeding. Deadhead towards the end of the growing season by removing the base of the flower. Removing seeds is important as your plant will stop producing flowers once it goes to seed.

Are petunias good for containers?

Yes, petunias are particularly good for patio planters because of their varied mounding and trailing habits. They also bloom continuously throughout the summer making them ideal for long-lasting summertime colour. Mounding varieties are good for filling space and adding colour making any patio display look full. Trailing varieties hang beautifully out of window box or down the sides of hanging baskets or large containers.

Petunia Royal Sky 2ltr Perennial Plants