Velvet leaf philodendron

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Plants for beginners | toxic to pets

Fits 12cm pot

Also known as the Sweetheart Plant, or the Heart Leaf, due to its beautiful shape, Philodendron scandens micans has an amazing jungle feel and is a popular choice for house plant lovers because it is easy to grow.

And, you get a lot of plant for your money with this baby because the more light it receives, the more vigorously it will grow! This plant can climb or trail as much as 4 metres so, hang it from a ceiling, trail from a high shelf, or provide a climbing support. You can even create a living jungle screen by positioning several together.

Place your Philodendron in bright but indirect light or semi-shade and keep its soil moist. Mist the leaves every few days or grow in a saucer of stones and water to keep the humidity high.

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