PHLOX paniculata mixed Perennial Plant


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Taking its name from the Greek word for flame, the Phlox is a North American plant that produces mounds of mixed colour scented flowers. They come in creeping, spreading or upright varieties that grow well in containers, beds and rock gardens, adding a carpet of colour to your space. Depending on variety, the Phlox will flower in spring, summer or autumn, giving you versatile options for your garden.

How to grow Phlox

Place sun or light shade in well-draining soil mixed with compost or manure. Water to keep the soil moist and feed once in the spring with a good quality liquid fertilizer Deadhead after flowering to keep the plant neat, then cut down to the ground level in autumn or winter to encourage good spring growth. Tall varieties may need staking in areas with strong winds

How quickly does Phlox spread?

This will depend on the variety so do check the product page before purchasing, but Phlox have been known to spread up to 2 feet.
This PHLOX paniculata mixed comes in a 9cm Pot