Physostegia Virginiana Rose Bouquet 2L Perennial Plant


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Also known as 'lions hearts' or 'false dragon heads', the Physostegia is a genus of flowering perennials native to North America, Producing lance-shaped leaves and dense spikes of pink-purple tubular flowers that look great in flower borders. The Physostegia is also sometimes called the 'obedient plant' because the flowers will stay in place if you move them.

How to grow Physostegia
Plant in a moist but well-draining sand, chalk, clay, or loam soil that receives some shade throughout the day Water to keep the soil moist but not wet and apply a liquid fertilizer once a month throughout the year (except for winter) and remember to Cut back to the base in winter to ensure great growth the following year

Are Physostegia toxic?
No, Physostegia is not known to be toxic.
This PHYSOSTEGIA virginiana Rose Bouquet comes in a 2 litre pot