Pseuderanthemum is an unsual, rare flowering plant native to Polynesia but naturalised in the American Tropics. It loves warmth and humidity, and if given the right conditions, a mature plant will produce tubular flowers in late spring/summer. But even without flowers, their dark green, oval leaves with splashes of deep pink/wine red are also very beautiful.

It makes a wonderful addition to any tropical houseplant collection and adds something unique to your home.

Comes in a 17cm pot

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How to care for your Pseuderanthemum

Native habitat

Native to Polynesia, naturalised in the American Tropics.

Light and position in the home

This plant likes bright, indirect light. Near an east facing window is ideal, a north facing window will also be suitable. Avoid direct full sun or really shaded areas which may cause slow growth and leaves could lose their colour.


This plant requires regular watering and the soil should be kept moist, but well-drained and not soggy. Allow the very top surface to dry before next watering, and ideally kepe the pot on a tray of moist pebbles.


Facts & Stats

Botanical Name




Plant Type

Evergreen shrub

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