PULSATILLA vulgaris Lilac Perennial Plant


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This beautiful herbaceous perennial is the perfect flower to bring the traditional British countryside feel into your garden. The Pulsatilla is a herbaceous lilac perennial that forms small clumps of thin foliage. The delicate cup-shaped flowers are covered in fine hairs that run down the stems and catch morning dew. When the flowers are spent, plumed seed heads will grow in their place.

How to grow Pulsatilla
Plant in well-drained soil in full sun or partially shaded area. Water sparingly as waterlogged soil can quickly kill these plants. Divide the plants in summer if they become too big. Apply organic fertilizer at the beginning of spring to boost growth and achieve a more impressive display and deadhead to keep the plant looking neat. Near the end of autumn, trim the flower heads to encourage full development in the summer. Avoid fertilizing more than once in the spring. It does not tolerate root disturbance well but can be transplanted if done so carefully.
Is Pulsatilla toxic?
Yes, Pulsatilla is toxic in high enough concentrations and whilst it is used in some homoeopathic remedies, you should avoid ingesting your plants and only use approved supplements.
This PULSATILLA vulgaris Lilac comes in a 9cm Pot