Rhodanthemum Casablanca 2ltr


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The Rhodanthemum or ‘Moroccan daisy’ is a woody, spreading perennial native to rocky areas of Northern Africa (mainly Morocco and Algeria). There are between 10 and 15 known species of this daisy-like flowers. This upright herbaceous perennial has a bed of narrow, silvery foliage. Slender stems grow out from the foliage and are topped with the large, white, daisy-like flowers that bring a traditional look to your space.

Where to grow Rhodanthemum?

Plant your Rhodanthemum in a well-draining soil that receives full sun throughout the day. This plant will thrive in a shaded space such as a raised bed or rock garden. If planting in a garden bed, you should position near the front of the border.

How to grow Rhodanthemum?

Water your plant regularly to keep the soil wet, but not moist. During the spring and summer, add a liquid fertilizer to your water to help the plant grow faster. In autumn, apply a layer of mulch at the base of the plant to help it retain moisture and insulate the roots from the cold in the winter. Leave any intact foliage or stems in place at the end of the growing season to help protect the plant in the colder months. If temperatures get too low, you will need to provide additional protection like fleece or move your plants into a warmer location like a shed or greenhouse.

How tall do Rhodanthemum grow?

The final height of your plant will vary by variety, but on average you can expect your plant to reach a height and spread of up to 40 cm after 2-5 years.

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