Rice Hulls 2.5ltr


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Do you find that your soil mix is becoming too compact for your plant? If so, then you should consider mixing some of these fantastic rice husks into you soil mix. They are a natural and organic by-product of producing rice for food, so it is a waste reducing and natural additive to add to your soil. In a soil mic, rice husks work like perlite or pumice to add a looser structure to mix which will aerate it and reduce the risk of you suffocating the roots of your plants. They also increase you soils ability to drain excess water but will absorb some of the water and slowly release it as the soil dries, decreasing your chances of both under and over watering your plant. So, if you are looking for a natural, organic soil additive that aerates your soil and helps to regulate moisture, then rice husks may just be the perfect solution for you.

Rice Hulls 2.5ltr Houseplant Substrates