Rosemary Officinalis 2L Perennial Plant


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Rosemary is a fantastic herb that brings height, colour and a mellow fragrance into your garden. Producing long green, woody stems covered in tiny leaves that can range from green to slightly purple this plant creates a well-textured and attractive to-look-at display. From June to August, the elegant stems can produce small purple flowers. When flowering, the plant gives off a rich, relaxing, inviting perfume. In the kitchen, rosemary is a staple ingredient. Pairing well with beef and pork, it is a key ingredient in dumplings and makes lovely roast potatoes. Try grinding some into the sugar you use to make cakes and cookies, or infuse it into cream for a wonderfully rich dessert. If you want a more savoury approach, mix lavender, mint and rosemary and rub on lamb or chicken to rediscover a long-lost taste of British cooking. Plant in well-draining soil that receives a lot of sun throughout the day. Rosemary is a drought-tolerant herb that requires little watering when established; however, in the first few months, water regularly stimulates root growth. Over time the plant will become leggy. To stop this, prune once a year in April using shears to remove any spent flower stalks and about an inch of the new year's growth.

How do I harvest rosemary?
To harvest your rosemary, simply snip the flowers from the stems and then dry them in a warm place until you're ready to use them.
This ROSEMARY officinalis comes in a 2 litre pot